The Thirsty Elephant… Coffee with a conscience

Compostable cup

We are very passionate about the mark we leave on this planet, so we are doing whatever we can to cut down on single use plastics. You want your water bottle filled? Then just pop into our coffee shop and ask one of our wonderful team members to fill it up. We will not be selling any drinks in single use plastic bottles.

On the plastic topic, one of the ways we aim reduce the amount of plastic within the company is by having an open, great relationship with our suppliers. All of our takeaway cups will be completely biodegradable or compostable and don’t panic! Our straws will also be completely biodegradable.

One of our main goals is to work with as many local companies, wherever possible. We want to do this for two reasons, one being that we firmly believe in supporting other local businesses, with the hope of building a strong local network with other amazing companies which are on our doorstep. The second reason is a biggie, it helps reduce our carbon footprint. We want to leave as small of a trail as possible when it comes to our carbon footprint so shopping locally is a no brainer to us here at The Thirsty Elephant.

Onto the food. The menu that we offer is based on trying to reduce the waste that comes from the coffee shop. Most of the food on the menu will be completely compostable. Any food that is compostable not be scraped into the food waste bin but be added to a local compost heap. We will also be offering customers the chance to take away our used coffee grounds, in the bags that the coffee beans originally came in. Used coffee grounds make a great fertiliser for the garden, all you have to do is mix the used coffee grounds into the soil around your garden plants. Benefits of using these grounds include the repelling of insects and pests and it even neutralises odours.

We really want to encourage people to join us on this environmentally friendly path, so we are offering a 20p discount on takeaway drinks when you bring your own reusable cup. If you are looking for a funky reusable coffee cup or waterbottle, feel free to take a look at our online store or pop into the coffee shop. We are offering a free drink with every purchase, along with the discount on each drink therefor after.

Did you know that we in the UK use 7 million takeaway cups every day? That equivalates to 2.5 billions cups a year. The worst part about this, is that only 1% of this massive figure actually gets recycled. This has to stop and soon! So please join us on this reusable cup revolution, you can reduce your landfill footprint by up to 99%.

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